Why IAM Yoga Nidra Therapy?

Yoga Nidra is a Therapeutic Yoga technique for emotional integration and guidance.

It changes your reaction patterns and helps you to 'let go'.


It is a sleep based meditation technique and a practice in awareness of the deepest level of relaxation.


It brings you in a state of  ‘ZERO STRESS ZONE”.


It utilizes ancient meditation techniques and it unlocks your self destructive habits an behavior patterns such as:​

  • stress

  • habits & addictions​

  • trauma/PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder)​

  • insomnia


Regular practices restore. It combines breath control, relaxation and a conscious journey through the body.

It resolves issues that would normally take a much longer time of struggle. 

It’s a gift to experience  this technique as an opportunity to step away from a stressful modern lifestyle.


Each time you feel revitalized, regenerated, renewed and inspired.

It takes you as deep or as high as you want to go.

A unique Yoga Nidra offer that will change your life

Experience yourself in silence



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Yoga Nidra Therapy & Health


Langerbrugsestraat 28 - 9940 Evergem

Tel: 32(0)496 48 45 20​

E-mail: everheije@gmail.com

Private sessions are offered in Dutch and English. 

Privé sessies en lessen worden aangeboden in het Nederlands. 

Je kan mij contacteren in het Nederlands en Engels.