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Develop the ability to observe, breath, feel, watch and allow with awareness

Book a private session

You can book a private session at my practice in Evergem or in Ghent at Shambho.

What to expect in a private session:
  • Learn breathing techniques and yoga postures based on what you need

  • The integrative Amrit method helps you to discover your stress or mental habits and how to  handle your stress and become balanced again

  • Experience to release all doing and how to rest in your true nature

  • Become helpful towards yourself, your thoughts and habit patterns

Your first session takes in general 75-90 min

Book a private session

Integrative Method

I work on 3 levels


  • Attention on body and breath calms the mind, develops muscle tone and 
    restores your primal energies of your body

  • All to balance your sympathetic and para-sympathetic nervous system

  • Stimulates circulation and heart health 

  • Thai Yoga massage

  • recovery from hyperventilation

  • Experience and expand in the moment



  • The depth of Yoga and the Integrative Amrit Method is to still the mind and connect with the power of energy

  • Incomplete emotional experiences can absorb all our energy. We tend to waste a lot of energy and use it for inner dialogues, coping and chatter

  • How we perceive life and what we belief is dominant 

  • The IAM Yoga Nidra uses various techniques to empower us to move out of our usual attachments and fears

Psychological and Behavioural



  • How to steer our life in the direction we want to go, rather than where our habits tend to guide us

  • If we want change, we need to see what is holding us back

  • Be willing to let go what no longer nourishes our heart 

  • Improve focus and concentration

  • Learn yourself to feel he nature of soul connection

Soul or spiritual


Yoga Nidra Therapy

90 min

For the first session

Outer & inner matters

Yoga and breathing techniques

Yoga Nidra Session

€ 95 incl BTW

Yoga or Nidra 

60 min

Personalized postures

Posture of consciousness 

Breathing & focus techniques

Flexible relaxation

€ 65 incl BTW

 Therapy Skills

10 X 90 min 

Releasing Toxic patterns 

 meditation support

Yoga, breathing,massage techniques

Yoga Nidra Session

A single hour of Yoga Nidra is as restful as 4 hours of conventional sleep


Massage therapy








The alchemy of touch


As part of complementary and natural medicine.  

Massage therapy is a perfect treatment to reduce stress, pain and muscle tension. 

It also restores functions in specific muscle groups.

Neck & Shoulders

30 min

let go of the mind

The power of touch

For neck, head and shoulders

€ 45 incl BTW

Pure Massage

60 min

Podo and derma segmental reflexology


Deep energetic pressure on specific marma points  to activate and release   

€ 75 incl BTW

Full Body Massage

90 min

 With oil

Improves arterial circulation nourishes, purifies and relaxes with lymphatic drainage

€ 110 incl BTW
Contact me for a private session
+32(0)496 48 45 20
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