Develop the ability to observe, breath, feel, watch and allow with awareness

Book a private session

You can book a private session at my practice in Evergem or in Ghent at Shambho.

What to expect in a private session:
  • Learn breathing techniques and yoga postures based on what you need

  • The integrative Amrit method helps you to discover your stress or mental habits and how to  handle your stress and become balanced again

  • Experience to release all doing and how to rest in your true nature

  • Become helpful towards yourself, your thoughts and habit patterns

Your first session takes in general 75-90 min

Book a private session

Integrative Method

I work on 3 levels


  • Attention on body and breath calms the mind, develops muscle tone and 
    restores your primal energies of your body

  • All to balance your sympathetic and para-sympathetic nervous system

  • Stimulates circulation and heart health 

  • Thai Yoga massage

  • recovery from hyperventilation

  • Experience and expand in the moment



  • The depth of Yoga and the Integrative Amrit Method is to still the mind and connect with the power of energy

  • Incomplete emotional experiences can absorb all our energy. We tend to waste a lot of energy and use it for inner dialogues, coping and chatter

  • How we perceive life and what we belief is dominant 

  • The IAM Yoga Nidra uses various techniques to empower us to move out of our usual attachments and fears

Psychological and Behavioural



  • How to steer our life in the direction we want to go, rather than where our habits tend to guide us

  • If we want change, we need to see what is holding us back

  • Be willing to let go what no longer nourishes our heart 

  • Improve focus and concentration

  • Learn yourself to feel he nature of soul connection

Soul or spiritual


Yoga Nidra Therapy

90 min

For the first session

Outer & inner matters

Yoga and breathing techniques

Yoga Nidra Session

€ 95 incl BTW

Yoga or Nidra 

60 min

Personalized postures

Posture of consciousness 

Breathing & focus techniques

Flexible relaxation

€ 65 incl BTW

Combi Therapy

10 X 90 min 

Releasing Toxic patterns 

 meditation support

Yoga, breathing,massage techniques

Yoga Nidra Session

€ 900 incl BTW

A single hour of Yoga Nidra is as restful as 4 hours of conventional sleep

Massage therapy








The alchemy of touch


As part of complementary and natural medicine.  

Massage therapy is a perfect treatment to reduce stress, pain and muscle tension. 

It also restores functions in specific muscle groups.

Short Massage

30 min

For body, mind and spirit

The power of touch

For neck, head and shoulders

€ 45 incl BTW

Pure Massage

60 min

Podo and derma segmental reflexology


Deep energetic pressure on specific marma points  to activate and release   

€ 75 incl BTW

Full Body Massage

90 min

 ayurvedic oil

Improves arterial circulation nourishes, purifies and relaxes with lymphatic drainage

€ 110 incl BTW
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