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About me

What I offer as a therapist, in my classes and lectures it always has the same mission: offering techniques & methods for inner management to discover yourself, be inspired and learn how to let go. Aware of what prevents you from experiencing inner freedom through Meditation.

More than 30 years I was fully focused on the 'body mind complex'. Creating a meaningful life, with value, care & joy for my clients where body, mind, heart and soul can be experienced as one integrated whole. Always in search for the energy and wisdom behind all knowledge. During my youth, I also explored emotions 'on stage' in the theater world. Observing and working with people with physical & mental issues enriched my private practice.


Self enquiry

My richest moments are revelations in Meditation during silent retreats

( vipassana ) or in Yoga Nidra where wisdom arises from stillness and the heart. These insights are more clear and guide my directions in life. Even Pain, illness, fear, sadness, insecurity and disappointment are valuable for growth. That's why there is gratitude and love for the change I made in my life.

In 2000 I studied Natural Health Therapy, in 2006 I created 'Mindful Yoga' in different Yogacenters. In private sessions I offer natural heath therapies, yoga, Yoga Nidra & massages.

In 2008 the 'Nia' white Belt, re-awakened my dance vibes with joy for life. I worked as a CEP  and co-creator in 7 Yoga-teacher-trainings in Belgium and India.

I had the most inspiring talks, meditations, courses, workshops, education programs and interactions with many soul minded people. The emotional lifestyles and psychology of the human mind inspired me to become a co-creator of the 'Upward spiral program', a10 days 'Yoga Psychology Program', offered in India, together with 'Yogalife'. These beautiful 6 trainings in Goa influenced my approach deeply. 

Energetically I moved on and joined in 2015 the Integrative Amrit Method of Yoga Nidra/Prana Awakening and the Pelgrimage in 2019 brought me some fundamental paradoxical changes, through me and around me. This method reinforced and re-ignited the light of consciousness in me and others. My personal experiences  and these methods became my full offer and life approach, in my private practice and in my weekly classes. 

Stimulating the self healing process and emotional integration is what I support.
If it does not change your life, it's not yoga'. 

My lectures, classes and experiences can mean a difference for mental and physical needs, balance, souplesse, choices and values  for your next step in life.


Yoga Nidra makes meditation easy, Just lie down, relax, breath and do nothing. Stay awake, observe and allow the intelligence of the body to do it's job. This Amrit method can solve many issues.

Develop the ability to move through awareness


  • Yoga Therapy I & Yoga Therapy II Iceland Certificate IAM Education 2023 Amrit Kripalu

  • Sales Infusion & Soulworx business  2023

  • Redesigning your destiny 2021 J. Dispenza

  • Catalyzing Inner Freedom 2020 IAM AYI My 

  • Lucid dreaming 10days retreat Allan Wallace CN 2019

  • Vipassana (silent retreat) with Upul Gamage and Paul V.H.(Ehipassiko) June 2017

  • Advanced yoga Nidra facilitator /Prana awakening and MALAV PELGRIMAGEat Amrit Yoga Institute in Florida US (2015- - 2019  Energetic Connection School

  • 7 years (2010-2017) commitment in Yogalife Lectures: Anatomy with Lieven Osteyn, Hatha yoga, Asanaclinics, Panchakarma's, Yoga Nidra and Meditation.

  • Co-creator of 6 'Upward spiral programs' in India 10days - Yoga Psychology Program. My topics: 'the pain body', yoga Nidra/meditation, Thai yoga massage, Yoga classes

  • Vipassana10 days silent retreat with Jotika Hermsen and Bjorn Prins (Itam),2005

  • Mindfulness training with A.V.Steenwinkel/Dewulf IAM 2005/+ ITAM 

  • 10 day Panchakarma 2011 Rishikesh in Santa Seva Ashram

  • 7 weeks training with Katherine Woodward Psychotherapy, the One, the Self, 'Conscious uncoupling' 

  • Evolving wisdom'/Chopra/Eckhart Tolle/Robin Sharma, Tich Nhat Han, Matthieu Ricard...

  • Certified Nia with An Christeanssen in Belgium and Hamburg.

  • Tai Chi12 years Wudi Hu, Liu Wai Sang and Yvan Shen Poon.

  • Natural Health Therapist at EA 2000-2005

  • As Yoga/dance teacher in: Shambho(14y), Artevelde Hogeschool (2y), Muda, Studio Groene Vallei (5y), Planeet Mars, Medical practice Ruislede, Acelor Metal, Kopergieterij, ABVV, Colruyt groep.

  •  Social sector. Focused on  movements, expression & wellbeing for adults with disabilities. creativity, theater, relaxation and massages, experiential in Den Dries/Voluit

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