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Child ' s Pose

Mindful Yoga

Breath and movements are integrated with awareness

sense what you do


Energy needs to flow.

 Manage your valuable energy wise


Meditation is about you, here and now

pure self witness


Dance opens aliveness and  joy in the heart. Movements get drunk without the wine.

Quiet the mind, and listen to your soul

Mindful Yoga

The posture of consciousness

IAM yoga


Mindful Yoga is a practice in breath attention through any movement. It reconnects you to the present moment while feeling every detail of body awareness and opens a totally engagement in each asana. I developed Mindful Yoga in 2005 which was based on my experiences in Tai Chi, Yoga and Mindfulness trainings. I named my first class 'Experiential Meditation in Motion'.


Breath, body and awareness techniques are structured in 3 parts: 

  • Qi Gong 

  • Asana's  

  • Meditation.


Each part is a choice to be fully involved in what you do. The first two parts are the preparation for the third part, which is Meditation.

When I experienced the Integrative Amrit Yoga ( IAM Yoga) at the Amrit Yoga Institute in Florida, I felt so complete, safe and integrated in my energy body, mind, heart and spirit because I realized like I was in my own class. I was completely ready to receive their process and growth of the Integrative Amrit Method and the posture of consciousness (IAM Yoga) and Yoga Nidra. 

Through Movement we find health

Choose Pleasure over pain


A total Mind, Body Spirit celebration

Since 2008 till now, I offered weekly a variety of many Nia routines in Shambho, Muda, Studio Groene Vallei, Open Mind, Kopergieterij, Sportcenters and schools. 

10 years of teaching Nia learned me the discipline of delivering the work and teaching skills while getting to know my own body movements and strengthened my self-confidence. Dancing within the group always opens a smile on my face to see how a dance class can change the vibe and mood of the participants.

Movements from the Eastern and Western world

Nia openend the door to enjoy meditation in the dance and the ultimate freedom with or without the music.

The movements of Nia have been explored to their essence and their effects of 9 disciplines. It has a fitness and wellness fusion felt as a holistic exercise. Nia is based on 'the natural way of the body', which is integrated in the concept of each Routine.

A fun creative pathway to health and wellbeing

It has a precision of Tae Kwon Do, the fluidity of Tai Chi and the concentrated power of Martial Arts.

Modern, Jazz and Duncan dance offers the diversity in choreography and dancing to the music 

Nia includes the balance of Yoga and the healing part of integrative body therapies like Feldenkrais and Alexander techniques.

The changes in music and rhythm opens physical and energy connection, strength and muscle balance and stimulates growth in sensing soul awareness.

A body feeling of the Joy of movement

For workshops and dance classes, feel free to contact me

Mindful Yoga
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