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At any moment you have a choice that either leads you closer to your spirit or further away from it.

'Meditation is a process of becoming one with the infinite. Melting into the Divine. Through meditation men experiences the deepest and richest joys of life.


These experiences are so profound that they mark a permanent stamp of transformation upon a man's personality.

It is a process of moving from the periphery to the center of your being. This center supports all  activities of life. It is the source of all energy, love, joy knowledge and happiness.


Acting from this center, you transform every moment into active meditation.

It is a state of freedom from ego-centered selfishness.' A.Desai

We just have to keep on practicing it, step by step allowing to witness the modifications of the mind.

My Masters and guidances in life are energetically infused by  Kripalvanandu, Amrit Desai and kamini Desai.

My private practice and the workshops that I offer are focused on supporting people to discover their own inner peace and manage their energy towards balance.

Feel Free to contact me for a variety of Workshops or retreats!

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